Monday, August 18, 2008


I have been reading the book, Twilight—not because it’s all the rage, but I was curious why this book received so much praise. As I read it, I eventually could appreciate it for what it is—a high school romance novel with a little bit of action. I kind of liked the fact that any moment the protagonist, Bella, could be literally consumed by her vampire boyfriend. A good twist for a romance that could of made me gag. Brandt and I watched on the news one night about the famous author, Stephanie Meyer. The news guy made a comment about how his daughter thinks that Edward, the vampire boyfriend, was the perfect boyfriend. Some of the footage on this news piece showed hormonally deranged girls screaming “I WANT AN EDWARD!” This upset Brandt because Edward is a fictional character and no guy could measure up to someone who isn’t real.

Well let’s face it, girls want a good-looking guy that his whole being is to make her happy, who says sweet things to her, with tender touches on the face and what not. Sometimes this can be dangerous for girls because they can have unrealistic expectations in their relationships with the opposite sex. No one can win with that scenario.

Another hard thing about this as well is where does a girl draw the line between “I must have a Fabio” and a total schmo? Perhaps a pro/con list. For me, I could give a complete catalog of all the things Brandt could be better at. His addiction to stupid sports radio shows, and how he can’t maneuver in the kitchen like I can, just a few examples of Brandt. Then again, I could have an index that would make the Library of Congress seem a mere bookshelf of all the good things about him too. An eagerness to learn, the daily compliments that I look good, and thinking that I’m the smartest person out there—well close, but Brandt is a good guy with an emphasis on GUY. Instead of trying to send him mental telepathy messages of how he could improve, I tell him what I want him to do. Yeah it would have been nice if he could get my telepathic messages, but he doesn’t have mail box in his brain.

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