Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Attempt to be "Seriously, So Blessed"

So Brandt and I went down to Utah to really celebrate our anniversary/end-of-the-semester and to recover from my Idaho fever. Brandt told me to write a blog that simulates a blog called, “Seriously, So Blessed.” You will get what I mean when I write this. However, I want to have a disclaimer that most of this blog will contain extreme exaggerations and it’s little bit fabricated. So here I go.

So Hubby and me went down to the BEST place EVER! UTAH. Love Utah, love traveling with my love bunny. He always holds my hand the whole way down to Utah even when we almost got in several accidents in the Odgen, Salt Lake traffic and he should have had both hands on the wheel. Awwww! So Cute!!!

Anywho, So we spent a WHOLE week at my parents house and it was a nonstop party. Love ya mom and dad and Emily! We went shopping and out to dinner EVERY night. I am so blessed to have a husband who lets me spend so much money because I am worth it and I deserve to go and spend on whatever I want all the time. LOVE SHOPPING! Especially when I look mucho hotto, but I understand that people aren’t as righteous as Brandt and me. I bought tonz of cute clothes, but I will have to roll up my garments so that they won’t show.

On Monday, we went to go celebrate our complete 360 days of maritil bliss. We started out by going to lunch at PF Changs. YUMMY! Love Chinese food. HOORAY for ethnicity! I like going to restaurants that serve ethnic food because it’s like I actually know what it’s like to eat food in their country. I don’t know why people complain other countries don’t have much to eat. I think that they are just picky eaters. SAD! Well, that’s why us Americans are so blessed because we eat food that other ethnic people eat. Sometimes I wish I were more ethnic, but then I think that somewhere, somehow, I’m half Lebanese or something.

After that, I went shopping at the University Mall till I was too tired. I bought another wedding dress from Allyse’s Bridal to commemorate our anniversary so I can take more bridal pictures again and look at how gorgeous I really am.
We went to Boondocks to go play mini golf and other nonstop fun stuff. We saw a family there and they were fighting. SAD! Brandt and I never fight except that one time on Valintines Day he only bought me one red rose instead of 40 assorted roses with 10 tiger lilies with two sprigs of babies breath, just like the one I saw in the floral shop. I was so upset, but I prayed and asked for patients. Then my Sugar cheeks then got me one of those super yummy fruit arrangements and came in one of my classes dressed as a night in shinging armor. AWWWW! SO ADORABLE! He then took me out to dinner. Love ya angel cakes!

So basically my 1st anniversary was the BEST EVER! And hope you all don’t feel bad that I’m so much more blessed than you guys. Love Ya!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Can Has A Smart?

It’s amazing how much time you have when you go from 16 hours of class, work, and homework, to just a couple of hours of piddley work. So now, I can blog until my heart is content. Yay me! Actually, I feel that my purpose has been stricken from me now that the semester is over. But back to the farm, I want to dismiss to everyone who thinks that the English language is devolving.

I’m saying this because it’s what I learned in a couple of my classes, which always brings me to the movie, Jingle All the Way, where Sinbad says that he knows what he’s talking about for he has taken a semester of psychology at a junior college. So I guess you should take my argument for what it’s worth.

In my rhetorical studies class we learned about ancient rhetoric by the Greeks. Since rhetoric really was the art of communicating effectively, Plato thought that writing (which was the newest technology at the time) would destroy language. Well like most people who are afraid to change, he was wrong.

Another thing I learned in this class is that language is purely social, social things will always be in upper and lower classes. The ability for one to read and write typifies he or she is in a higher social class. We can thank Harvard for our grammar today because as the ability to become literate came to the masses, someone came up with a way to once again make language a matter of class. “Anyone can read or write, but high class people know how to read and write correctly.” Even today if someone can’t speak “proper” English, they most likely live in poverty. So practically wealthy people have made it that literacy determines your success in life. In today’s world, access to communicate with others is literally at your fingertips, so many different types of communication.

Further more, and quite simply, people are afraid of change. As I learned about the modernist movement was that people had a difficult time dealing with a world now that is ever-changing, leading to fear. I think that people are simply afraid of things they don’t know. What old person doesn't cringe at phrases like, “OMG! We IMO LOL and L8ter ROTFL ;) :P,” or is terrified of using email, blogs, or the most evil of all, texting.

And for my strongest evidence for my argument is that language is always changing. Did you know that Shakespeare is considered Modern English? Look how much language has changed since then. I will give you an example the word “let” means to allow, but back in Shakespeare’s time, “let” means to hinder, the exact opposite.

So for all you old people, who think that the English language is going to the pot, chill out. Yes we need to keep our language unified so that we can understand each other, and we are doing that. In my Business English class, people are writing textbooks on how to properly text in the work place. Loads of information on how to correctly write emails can be found just about anywhere. Usually it’s those people who think the English language is devolving don’t know what subject verb agreements, pronoun with out an antecedents, or dangling modifiers are.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Year Down, Enternity To Go!

Well it’s been one year since I married Brandt. In the last year, Brandt and I have grown a lot as a couple and as individuals.

Being married is a humbling experience. I’m very stubborn and often have a grouchy attitude about me. What's amazing is that Brandt has been very patient and understanding. Every time I get upset about whatever he gently asks me, “What can I do to make you feel better?” I wish I could be more like him.

This semester has been very difficult. I thought that college wasn’t hard, that was until I took mainly 300 and 400 level classes and with my work going to press on top, I have struggled the past fourteen weeks.

That’s where Brandt comes in. He made dinner, he cleaned the house, gave me a priesthood blessing, and helped me with some of my school projects. I wish there was an eloquent way of describing everything he has done for me, because I really would not have made it with out his help.

Not only did he do all of that, he was my own personal cheerleader. He kept on complimenting on the work I did and how smart I am (even when I didn’t think so at the time). Additionally, he supported me and listened during those moments when I couldn’t take it anymore and held me when I cried.

So after one year, I am taken back just how much Brandt loves me and I hope that I’m worthy enough to be his wife. I love you Brandt, thank you so much for being more than just a darling husband, but a friend who has genuinely cares for me and loves me despite all of my many, many shortcomings. Happy anniversary love dove! I look forward to spending forever with you!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ashley's Best Books of the Year

One of the many great things of being an English major is that you get to take classes and you get to read read and read (and it’s fun!). Over my junior year in college I took three literature classes: Children’s Lit, Shakespeare, and American Literature—the Realism through Modern literary movements. In these three classes, I read 75 books and plays. Here are best from these classes.

The winner of the Children’s Literature category is… Tale of Despereaux!
If I had to describe this book in one word it would be charming. I loved this book. The premise is of a mouse named Desperaux who lives in a castle and he’s different from everyone else. He loves to read and wants to become a knight from a book he reads. He falls in love with a real princess. I think the themes of this book are excellent and Katrina Elizabeth DiCamillo, who also wrote Because of Wynn Dixie, did and excellent job of creating twists to a fairy tale.

The winner of the play category is…Macbeth!!!
Here is a shift from a warm and fuzzy children’s book to a play that contains witchcraft, people killing each other, lies, lust for power, and a woman who literally sells her soul to evil spirits. The thing is that I have never been so uplifted in all of my life. Shakespeare illuminates how a virtuous man can become corrupt and wicked when they are weak and can’t contain their utmost desires. Shakespeare displays how lack of self-restraint can lead to unhappiness. A man, who was noble and looked as if he would eventually become King. But the capitulation of the natural man and immersing one’s self into evil things led Macbeth and his wife as well to damnation. I saw that if I gave in to my weaknesses I could go down a path that would lead me to where I don’t want to go. Anyway, good play to read and it’s short, so if you don’t have much time to read that’s a good one.

The winner of the American Literature is…The Catcher in the Rye!
I enjoyed this book. I think that there is real power in it, and I think it’s sad that people who think this book should be banned or censored—what a vacuous analysis. I wish I could go into this more why this is an amazing book, but I have to go to work. But if anyone is interested in what I thought were some good books I read this year I would be more than happy to enlighten.