Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Attempt to be "Seriously, So Blessed"

So Brandt and I went down to Utah to really celebrate our anniversary/end-of-the-semester and to recover from my Idaho fever. Brandt told me to write a blog that simulates a blog called, “Seriously, So Blessed.” You will get what I mean when I write this. However, I want to have a disclaimer that most of this blog will contain extreme exaggerations and it’s little bit fabricated. So here I go.

So Hubby and me went down to the BEST place EVER! UTAH. Love Utah, love traveling with my love bunny. He always holds my hand the whole way down to Utah even when we almost got in several accidents in the Odgen, Salt Lake traffic and he should have had both hands on the wheel. Awwww! So Cute!!!

Anywho, So we spent a WHOLE week at my parents house and it was a nonstop party. Love ya mom and dad and Emily! We went shopping and out to dinner EVERY night. I am so blessed to have a husband who lets me spend so much money because I am worth it and I deserve to go and spend on whatever I want all the time. LOVE SHOPPING! Especially when I look mucho hotto, but I understand that people aren’t as righteous as Brandt and me. I bought tonz of cute clothes, but I will have to roll up my garments so that they won’t show.

On Monday, we went to go celebrate our complete 360 days of maritil bliss. We started out by going to lunch at PF Changs. YUMMY! Love Chinese food. HOORAY for ethnicity! I like going to restaurants that serve ethnic food because it’s like I actually know what it’s like to eat food in their country. I don’t know why people complain other countries don’t have much to eat. I think that they are just picky eaters. SAD! Well, that’s why us Americans are so blessed because we eat food that other ethnic people eat. Sometimes I wish I were more ethnic, but then I think that somewhere, somehow, I’m half Lebanese or something.

After that, I went shopping at the University Mall till I was too tired. I bought another wedding dress from Allyse’s Bridal to commemorate our anniversary so I can take more bridal pictures again and look at how gorgeous I really am.
We went to Boondocks to go play mini golf and other nonstop fun stuff. We saw a family there and they were fighting. SAD! Brandt and I never fight except that one time on Valintines Day he only bought me one red rose instead of 40 assorted roses with 10 tiger lilies with two sprigs of babies breath, just like the one I saw in the floral shop. I was so upset, but I prayed and asked for patients. Then my Sugar cheeks then got me one of those super yummy fruit arrangements and came in one of my classes dressed as a night in shinging armor. AWWWW! SO ADORABLE! He then took me out to dinner. Love ya angel cakes!

So basically my 1st anniversary was the BEST EVER! And hope you all don’t feel bad that I’m so much more blessed than you guys. Love Ya!

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