Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our New Additions

After long discussions, and persuasive speeches by others, Brandt and I have decided to get a cat --even better--two cats. We got them from this lady and we got a pretty good deal on them--75, that includes their shots and getting them fixed. And oh man, Brandt is smitten by these little girl kittens. Don't get me wrong, I find them adorable just as much as the next animal lover, but this was mostly Brandt's incentive.
Well, I'm sure you have lots of questions like "what's their names, and what do they look like?" Well we have a black kitten named Mowgli because she looks like a panther and she is the wild, playful one. Our other kitty, Chloe, she's a gray with different colored spots. Chloe loves to cuddle and purrs all the time. Mowgli and Chloe go well together. Not only to they balance each other out, but they both play well together. Brandt and I have enjoyed them so far and I think this will prepare us [Brandt] for when we have kids. HaHa